• As Everest, always using the highest technology to lead the industry,

  • To be a brand recommended by the customer, not content with customer satisfaction,

  • To comply with national and international legislation and standards while performing production activities,

  • Continuously improving the quality management system and not compromising on quality under any circumstances,

  • Long-term planning of our designs in accordance with modern, ergonomic, aesthetic and the standards we are based on,

  • To continuously monitor the competence of our employees and to increase our quality level by applying teamwork in order to increase their skills,

  • To be a preferred brand abroad, while contributing to the country’s economy with the exports we make together with the domestic market,

  • To be able to represent our country properly in exports to EU and US countries by obtaining the necessary quality certificates as well as the countries of the region,

  • As Everest, always being at the top of our quality.